About Me
Richard Ellwood

Hi, Rick Ellwood here,

writing yet another about me page for my website IM X Factor. Let me explain why I’m being a little sarcastic with my introduction.

I have been in the MMO or Make Money Online space since 2008, and if I remember rightly my first ever blog and domain I actually used was RickEllwood.com, yet I remember having the header filled with the title “The Good Life”.

Buying my first domains as part of an MMO course by a fellow Englishman Michael Cheney called Affiliate Millions, was a rather frustrating process thing to do back then. I still have the receipt for them today.

Little did I know that it would lead me into buying over a thousand info products and me owning over 300 domain names today.

I’d dread to think of how much money I’ve invested in internet marketing over the years, (did you notice I wrote “invested” and not wasted 😉 Well, that’s just me keeping positive about it, lol.

I’m sure in all that time I wasted more money than invested, but I’m also sure that by being persistent, I will get it all back at least tenfold. 


I have been wanting to do something special with my domain IMXFACTOR.COM for some time and after over a decade in the IM space and having purchased well over a thousand products over the course of those years, I am wanting to bring to your attention info products and tools that have what I feel as the X factor in the internet marketing niche. Every product inside this website has been tried and tested either by myself or has been given the approval of respected internet marketers that have been in the IM niche longer than myself.

Affiliate Marketing

Having purchased all those IM or internet marketing products over the years, I can spot the gem of a product from a crock of crap that I wouldn’t wipe my rear end with today. And the whole point of me re-writing my About-me page for maybe the tenth time is to share the knowledge that I have gained so that you don’t fall into the trap of the bright shiny object or BSO hamster wheel which I unfortunately did.

For example, I’m very capable of building a website, in fact, I build websites on a weekly basis for my offline clients who I sell my domains to. BUT, and this is a biggy so listen up...if you are a marketer and your blog or website hasn’t set the World on fire (because mine hadn’t), then go and get yourself a site just like mine HERE


I mentioned earlier that I had grown my domain portfolio to just a tad over 300 domain names. This has been my niche focus for a number of years and to be honest, I have treated it more as a hobby until recently when I got to transfer them to another domaining platform.

Buying domains can be very cheap, but, when they are up for renewal, they can become very costly.

Currently, I’m in the process of building them out on my own website over at IMDomainer.com. If you are in need of a good MMO domain for your next website or info product, you may want to take a look at some of my domains on the site.

Product Creation

I have dabbled a little with creating my own info products, but, I've never put buy buttons on the few that I have completed. Product creation is something I want to get in motion this year and to be more consistent at it. Having ideas for products are not my issue, it’s the knuckling down and creating them that I’ve been struggling with, but, having finally getting this website up and running has spurred my motivation and focus to make it my vocation for many years to come.

I would like to welcome you to IMXFACTOR.COM a place where you will find some of the best IM products and tools available that will enable you and your business to get ahead of the crowd and have that edge that so many are searching for 😉

Oh, and if you happen to take me up on any of the offers on my site, please remember that I may receive an affiliate commission and/or you could be added to my email subscriber list of which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

Stay focused,

Rick Ellwood